A family living well with type 1 diabetes.

What if…

I’ve actually had docs tell me I’m being too paranoid about my daughter’s blood sugar control. One doc looked at my blood sugar check schedule, which included at least one–and often more checks in the night to ensure my daughter is safe. He scoffed, shook his head and said, “I know I couldn’t function on this kind of sleep schedule…” This doc insists my daughter will awaken if she goes too low. This doc assured me that “dead-in-bed” syndrome only occurs in type 1 teens who are rebelling and experimenting with alcohol.

Two things:

  1. As a member of the online diabetes community it pains me to say that I know this is NOT true.
  2. If he actually thinks this (false) information is a comfort to me he is crazy.

Earlier this summer I missed a night check somehow, likely because sometimes the natural need for adequate sleep wins out. I slept thru the alarm I had set. Jenna was 8 (144) at last check prior to my going to bed–a comfortable number with not much insulin on board to cause concern of an impending low. This may have contributed to my missing the alarm–a false sense of being on top of things. She awoke the next morning a very sick little girl. Her blood sugar was mid 20’s (450-ish) and she had moderate ketones in her blood–the most she has had since diagnosis 4 years earlier. She was nauseous, had abdominal cramps and generally felt terrible. This is a very dangerous situation for a person with type 1 diabetes. Ketoacidosis can occur very quickly and just a fast become life-threatening.

To say I felt guilt doesn’t even come close to conveying how I felt that morning.Image

Today I am devastated to read of a seven year old boy with type 1 diabetes who never woke up this morning. He was diagnosed at 2 years of age–the same age Jenna was at diagnosis. My heart hurts for this family. My heart hurts for the unthinkable “what if” I can’t help pondering–if only for one heart-wrenching, horrifying moment.

Type 1 diabetes is a vicious killer. Type 1 diabetes is a sneaky, unpredictable SOB. Type 1 diabetes deserves funding for research to find a cure.

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Comments on: "What if…" (2)

  1. I’d rather be perpetually sleep deprived than have Bean not wake up.

    It’s a simple as that.

  2. This is weighing so heavy on all of us right now. My heart goes out to this family…and I am so painfully aware that it could be any one of our children. Love you.

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